Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Worldly matters..

What do I write?...What do I write?..What,what,what,what?.....
I just woke up and my mind's racing away,writing in itself at a frantic pace.Words are writing themselves,associations are being made.Images fading in and fading out.Yet not a single word comes out of me.I can't put it down here.You call this a writer's block? Ah,you've just said the magic word.Here it comes.

Why is this world the way it is? Because it is meant to be that way? Or because we deem it to be that way? Or because it can't be any other way? We know that if we all got together,created pictures of how the world looks to each of us,we would be looking at worlds which are worlds apart. Everybody has a different perception.And a different world.

Then, if we all live in different worlds in our heads,how do we expect each other to live in the same world in reality? Every living being in this world has a right to live in the world it chooses to be in. Does this happen? Do we let this happen? I am not talking just about man.This is about every being in this world.But then,even if we decide to answer my last question taking only us humans into consideration,I don't think we'll get a positive answer. ( 'Positive' as in the worldly sense.. a 'Yes'. )

Let somebody's world be a paper. And somebody else's be a knife. Somebody else's be water. Somebody else's be fire. And let's say that this whole world -the physical one- is a bag in which all these are thrown together. And using your 'rational' and 'worldly' knowledge,can you tell me whether this world is going to survive? Or to ask a more relevant question, will those little, powerless worlds inside it survive?

Or,you say that even if some weak worlds are crushed by the more powerful ones the world will be fine because we all know how to co-exist? That,if the fire starts to burn things down,the water will restore the balance? And the same with everything else? You say it's been this way forever and that it knows how to keep itself alive and awake?
You say this is nature's law? The survival of the fittest? Who said that? A tiger? Or a deer? Or a shark? Or a fish? Or a man?

But never before in this world's history have some worlds gotten so powerful as to threaten every other world in existence. This world is supposed to be an interaction of a world of worlds but of late,it has been more of a condescension than an interaction.Powerful worlds lording over powerless ones... with disdain. Man hasn't been around for too long but then he sure knows how to make his presence felt,doesn't he?

We push.We kill.We steal.We forget.We transmogrify.We grab.We torture.We lie.We deface.We rule.We define.We obliterate.

We live in a world we seek to erase,a world we work to lacerate,a world we don't care about... We live in a world we are losing to ourselves.

This is a world spinning out of control, out of control of those who have conceived control itself. It is a reality gone wrong,an education gone awry,a warmth gone cold and a rationality gone irrational.

I am an integral part of this and I can't deny that. None of us can. We are all inhumanely human. Probably something that comes with the package. But there are times I wake up and realize I'm not what I want to be. And I've just woken up.

If we are right,then I'd rather be wrong.
If we are true,then I'd rather be false.
If we are rational,then I'd rather be irrational.


595 Days said...

If you are suffering from writer's block then I suffer writer's mountain!

Thanks for the comment. I was pleased to hear I whine better than most people write - I am good at something then. :)

Anonymous said...

the most rational irrationality that's ever been brought into my perspective-abhi.

arvind....in trans said...

nice one...liked the way u question urself small things and answer those...to come to the core of the issue..a thought provoking post...[:)]

Anonymous said...

what a way to describe the world, your perception of the world I mean. I have asked similar questions to myself, I don't know how many times but, only recently I seem to be able to answer atleast some of them. My mind reached some semblence of order after reading a book by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. I was flabbergasted when I went through some of the chapters. It was too new a concept and something my mind refused to comprehend. These are the questions which plague my mind now.
If from the beginning of evolution you believe that all this is happening, I mean you see the climb upwards from lower animals to higher and then ultimately to man, if there is a purpose, he seems to want to reach something (not even known to him )higher and dosen't seem to know the path to that. He is floundering (badly), but doing his level best to reach there. I think every attempt he is making, it may push him backwards or onwards,but he is trying, not giving up hope. In spite of all this chaos inside and outside man, if he is still ready to take the plunge, then I guess it is only the instinct which is guiding him. The all powerful drag of evolving higher and higher.