Friday, May 25, 2007


I scribble away as the manacles threaten to asphyxiate the flux..
Muted screams inundate my head as my memories fade away into dust one after the other.
A travesty of a life rolls out in grey as I seek to rearrange the derangement.
Faces swimming in and out of focus..words erasing themselves from parchment..numbers counting numbers..lines curving into circles and circles becoming fading away into white..

Life is a void only its absence can fill.
I am a mindless mind nursing a heartless heart living a lifeless life.
Worn down by an illusion called reality, I seek my vengeance.

My life needs a lesson in life.
And I collude with a lie to make it a truth.

The remnants of my un-gone past and the splinters of my un-come future coruscate before my eyes as I fall down on my knees one last time.
Somewhere in this nebulous obscurity around me is my crepuscule, my Kairos.
My past, future and present crumble into a single moment, a moment of such breathtaking clarity that I could gaze into timelessness.
It was the moment everything came together to become nothing.
The moment death came to life.


Anonymous said...

it is beautiful, very raw, clutches at your insides and twists them up

Anonymous said...

everytime i open your blog i read this poem, it drags the reader as much into the deep vortex as the poet is.

Anonymous said...