Wednesday, May 23, 2007


There was a box.
A cylinder beside it.
There were circles that hosted music.
And a rectangle that contained windows.

There was a rectangle below it,holding another rectangle.
Some white on the wall to write.
Another box.Some more windows.
Some music.Some images.Some memories.
Some time.

It was a square. And I was a corner.

Funny how some shapes take shape with time. And end up shaping you.


Anonymous said...

how do you achieve this, I mean being so abstract and vague. It sounded that way to me. I just wanted to know- do u have something definite in mind when u are penning down these words. I am honestly puzzled and would ike to know, if u don't mind.

Anonymous said...

never knew that 'nouns' could make some eloquent poetry; or are they adjectives in the disguise of nouns.
Oxymoron's sometimes exemplify irrationalities, but in your hands they morph into work's of art.delighted:)