Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I spoke to her today.

The familiar giggles. Complaints about the laptop password. New best friends. Evenings lost to music classes. New contact numbers. Lots of homework to be done. A boring Harry Potter movie. The new second ranker in class. Awesome Bone books. Lavender. A very bad cough. New favourite songs. But no one to share them with. Just an open brown door, an empty room.

I wish time would stop stealing my moments.


Dwiti R said...

stealing moments ?? I thought you're just getting new ones :)

Dheeraj said...

That is the paradox of time, that for every beautiful, brand new moment that dissolves into your presence, there are many more beautiful ones being stolen in your absence.

Maybe it is our passivity, or a testament to its undeniably seductive beauty, that we silently endure this furtive theft of memory, this one dimensionality of time.

Dwiti R said...

Like someone said.. "Time is greedy.. it steals all our memories"

But I'd still call it the beauty of time..

Dheeraj said...

Yes, I'm on board with that, the 'beauty' of time. To me, it is man's greatest invention, far greater than anything he might have ever conceived, even more than beauty itself.

And yes, I do think it is an invention.

Anonymous said...

But I think time was not invented. Man just stumbled upon it.