Wednesday, August 26, 2009


2:37 Graphs in black and blue.
3:02 Ordeals with a sun.
3:14 Seamus Heaney. Opened Ground.
4:16 Circuitous snacks.
5:19 Disappearing letters. Sticky nap.
6:27 Lifehouse. Sunset with Monet.
6:58 The Economist on Afghanistan. The labours of Sisyphus.
7:34 Pepsi with Ross Geller.
8:02 Unfinished poems. Count+3.
8:25 Rice with green peas.
9:11 Slippery heads on a first floor. Hardwork.
10:54 Lemon Mint juice. Boiled corn.
11:13 Vocals with Thom Yorke.
11:52 Conversations with a whiteboard.
12:24 "Good prose is like a window pane".
12:59 Midnight walks by red-bricked corridors and whispering trees.
1:30 Unannounced dials on a keypad. Hello. Carefree chuckles.
1:56 Early morning with the New Yorker.
2:35 Advertising in the air. Tony the Tiger. The bloody innovation of The Vampire Diaries.
3:04 Eyes spinning in brownish white circles, slicing the ceiling into tiny arcs of scattered light.
3:07 The screen dims. White fades into black.


Anonymous said...

6:27 - Is it lifehouse or lighthouse?

Conversations with the whiteboard could be more lucid, more like a good prose and a window pane? Looked for interpretations of Orwell, and got a handful. What's your interpretation? And finally 3:09 should have said "Yet, fingers romancing the keyboard"

Dheeraj said...

Lifehouse, the band.
And I regret that the whiteboard's out of public bounds for now, too much going on there.

As for Orwell, I don't think I entirely agree with his opinion, though I think it's a wonderful simile. Barnes, in his magnificent essay on Orwell, questions if words can ever be glass, and Wood wonders if the metaphor can hold up in the face of an emotive style of lyricism. Both very valid points, and ones that gain more credence in a world that isn't anymore what it was in 1946 when Orwell first wrote those words.

I can't go on about it here, this is not the place, so will just cut it short. If I were asked to describe it my way, I would probably paraphrase him and say,
"Good prose is like a window."

~Arch~ said...

yay! I enjoyed the carefree chuckles too. :D

NARKI said...

I never thought I would know..... enjoyed reading it man....