Monday, October 12, 2009


Things. With names.
Eyes. Seen through another's.
Dots. Splashed into patterns.

Dusty jeans. Tattered soles.
Voices hopscotching in space. Drafted into memory.
Years broken down into moments. Like rusty fences by a vanishing roadside.

Carved spaces. Elegant absurdities.
Fouettes for an epiphany.

A montage. Words.
An inaudible sigh.

I'm not here. I never was.


Dwiti said...

stars... in her eyes...
long shadows.. with haunting memories..
stained glass.. coloured memories..

anyway... nothing can match the way you express these things... m a fan !!!

Dwiti said...

Here's another way to start..

Things... with names
Relationships.. without...

Beauty... seen through another's eyes
Vision.. seen through your own...

Couldn't resist posting it.. i hope you don't mind...