Friday, November 27, 2009

I love the sound of

Wind trampled by rubber.
Television playing to empty furniture.
A stranger's knuckles rapping on the door.
Slushy feet in wet evening mud.
Tearing open an envelope to get to the letter inside it.
Muffled music from the neighbour's earphones.
A lie escaping the roof of a tongue.
Bunny slippers treading over pebbly hard earth.
The triumphant flick of the Enter button.
A fountain pen's cap snugly clicking into place.
A squeaky ceiling fan on a sweaty afternoon.
Static that accompanies outdated videotapes.
Rummaging through a brown cardboard box of childhood memories.
Periodic ticks of a grandfather's walking stick.
Attempts to discreetly fold candy wrap in a silent classroom.
Water queuing up in spirals to disappear down a drain.
A newborn's nails scratching the walls of a bassinet.
Drawing nines in the breeze.
A metallic fork sinking into chocolate pastry.
The unmindful taps of waiting feet.
A smile by the darkness of a moving window.
An anchor crashing into the tranquil sand of a sea bed.


Dwiti R said...

the patter of raindrops at my window..
the call of a bird on a silent morning..

Basanth said...

This rakes up a long list.

~Arch~ said...

"Attempts to discreetly fold candy wrap in a silent classroom."

Lovely D! Absolutely delightful as always.