Sunday, December 20, 2009

Musings from a shower

*. I'd rather be a wise fool than a foolish wise man.

*. Is it mere coincidence that the two cornerstones of my love for literature, Nabokov and Borges, were both born in 1899? I suspect not. Born into the last year of the nineteenth century, on the threshold of a temporal shift, unable to either reconcile with or break away from the conflicting worlds that raised them? (Though I suppose V.N. did a much better job of it towards the end of his life while J.L.B. seemed to choose to ignore it and ply his trade in timelessness instead)
[Further musings on this question are reserved for a better-researched literary essay later in life]

*. I hate my hair. Have never been able to figure out what to do with/to it. It has been, inarguably, the greatest unsolved problem of the last twenty five years of my life.

*. There are many ways of living.
I think dying is just another one of them.

*. There is so much directionless anger that resides within us, we never seem to know what to do with it or where to express it. We always get stuck in traffic when we need to be somewhere early, the delivery boy is always late when we're hungry, the internet connection's too slow when we need it, the friend's always busy when we need to talk, the bus is always crowded when we board it, everything we love is always way too damn expensive, the manager's always an idiot, the exams never end, the room's never clean no matter how hard we try...
I think this helplessness and futility that has seeped into the very heart of our existence, is what has, more than anything else in our joy-driven lives, come to characterise the generation that is ours.

*. Gravity is one of the most comforting and reassuring things in life.


Basanth said...

I agree about your hair. You should clean shave it to avoid any further problems.

A very apt description for the present generation, which includes me.

Ro said...

:) dying IS one of the many ways of living. Energy forms, and all the jazz we are :)

and Damn, gravitiy IS reassuring.

:D i agree with most of your musings (and now they've become mine, though m musing at my workstation, with my boss by my side :/. Tricky, the times these thoughts choose to manifest themselves. Another prospective situation addition, perhaps to your directionless anger bit.)
Except the one with the play of wise, fool, and man in the same sentence. I want to be neither wise, nor foolish, nor a man.

Dheeraj said...

Yes, I can feel the anger rising up somewhere in some airconditioned workspace in a building somewhere in (north/south/east/west) mumbai. I'd have thought the carafe would have overflown by now. :P

And, good job on the not being 'neither wise nor foolish'. If we have a choice, sure, let's stay grey.

But, on second thoughts, I think the latter's a much more enjoyable option. Man's foolishness is what keeps the world turning, and let's play our part in it, shall we?

Ro said...

haaahahaha!!! yeah, play a part, lead the pack. i guess its impossible not to be foolish and be human :D its like one of our basic functions on earth. so why not do a better job of being foolish :D we have plenty of competition at that!

Dwiti R said...

interesting thoughts..
but i always wonder how interesting our lives would be if there was no gravitational "pull" :)