Monday, February 1, 2010

A tale of three balloons

Tiny hands grasping a thin, wrapped up memory
Unwritten words whispering to a turquoise childhood.

Squared stairways, lonely tables
Breaking habits, rolling tongues
Grins bridging hill stations and valleys
A glowing filament entombed in shapely glass
Green billboards in a directionless maze
Clicks for a canvas, alphabet on gravel
Colours on glass, half-baked words in neon

Diaries for dreams, footsteps slithering up walls
Fishy somethings, kids playing truant at work
Headlights snaking through a canopied darkness
Starry shapes by a fog-kissed lake
Russian farewells, Spanish boxes
A bubbly red heart peeping out from behind a dark wall
Blind ends and brown bags, envelopes with names
Passengers in a collective dream.

Silence painted into a rocky hillock,
floating silhouettes scribbling shapes on a perfect moon,
blue hearts escaping into the endlessness of memory.

[2:13 am | 31st January, 2010]

1 comment:

Dwiti R said...

silence all around us..
silhouettes hiding behind the moon...
thoughts randomly escaping our mind..
making me think of you...