Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On a dream of waking up by a view of the sea

Bleary eyes taken in by the distant din of wakefulness,
molten words, earlybird thoughts for a nascent day,
treading on the soft acquiescence of an ivory bedspread.

Dreams scribbled in formless feather,
fluid languages of a tranquil netherland
finding their feet in a morning's blue patience.

Rolling waves parleying with an open sky,
exchanging silent notes on a hard day's night.
Airy shapes drawn up by a bright blue breeze,
sliding through the slenderness of a balustrade.

A pair of half-open eyes
lost to the minty breath of morning's memory,
framed in the foamy evanescence of a wide blue sea.

[9:14 am | 10th Mar, 2010]

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