Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On making an Omelette

Yellow innocence in a dreamy puddle.
(A flaming sun on a watery sky, for the heliocentrically inclined. Or wabi in a china bowl, for the orientally inclined.)

Greeted by a salty conscience, reproached by the sanguine grit of chilli, beguiled by the sorcery of pepper. Add the tender lament of chopped onion, to taste. Stir repeatedly, until the contents weave a fluid tapestry in anarchy.

Onto the sparkling eagerness of a lonely pan. Brown blushes of initiatory awkwardness, a simmering companionship arbitrated by the buttery lenience of a spatula. Flip as needed. A geometry of browned white and scrambled yellow, measured to taste. Serve hot.


Basanth said...

Nobody would have thought a recipe could be so well written. Kudos!

Dwiti R said...

Never thought anyone could describe an Omelette this way !!!

Atmaprakash Nayak said...

Fine specimen of animating the inanimate. The Omelette is suffused with the potency to elicit the strongest responses, even from a hardened heart.

Anonymous said...

orgasmic!!! ;P

vinny said...

Lolzz.. Complicated than the preparation itself... :P .. Good one..