Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words hastily scribbled on a paper napkin for a girl in blue

In the golden shapes of this evening's rustic melody,
your blue is like

a little girl's giggle hovering in a petrichor breeze
as she sheepishly peeks into the window of a sand castle
for the first time.

[1:32 am | 22nd May, 2011 | Paradiso Perduto, Venezia]


Anonymous said...

oo this one's brilliant! Just fou d your blog through an old comment on my blog !
Do you remember me? ;P

Dheeraj said...

Of course, of course. :)
Finally those comments I made two summers ago are coming to fruition, are they? ;)

Been quite a while, how've you been? What are you up to? NY seems to be quite snowy this time...