Thursday, January 19, 2012

The idiots.

[For A.]

Held up against the eye's brimming silhouettes,
the polaroids gleam,

all those
pigtailed afternoons and tip-toed midnights,
adventures in ignorance, wisecracks at reason,
folies à deux - frenzies for every season,
precarious perches on edges, drizzly sighs,
endearing monsters and orbits in radiant skies,
diligent obsessions, winked whispers at recess,
clumsy secrets and tangerine waits for a whistle,

all those flutters of that tiny heart,
all that innocence,
all those grins.


aminura ytrobarkahc said...

"endearing monsters", "precarious perches", "tangerine waits"-i love the unusual adjectives preceding the nouns. if verses could have colours, your adjectives would have rendered this a kaleidoscopic poem indeed!

Anonymous said...

Stuck between a double U and a Y?

Idiocy is catching I see, a touch of folie a deux perhaps.

Oh, that reminds me, I have to run to the store and stock up on the big citrons. :)