Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Sunlight sinks its fangs into glass.
Thoughts bend to laws. Refraction, reflection.
Distant presences intruding on an absence.

You are not here.

The shadow devours itself into a dot.
The hot air screams into itself. Shattered silences.
Dusty tears burning up a lonely countryside.

You are not here.

The wet Earth deepens into a chasm. 
Sky-high lines drip into circles. Drops dropping into drops.
Miniscule worlds making themselves up, splitting apart.

You are not here.

Darkness drips onto land, ink from the heavens.
Bundles of black piled upon one another. Invisible walls.
A wordless heart echoing a bursting anthem.

You are not here.
You are not here.
You are not here.

1 comment:

Basanth said...

Simply superb. Beautiful aphorisms coupled with pristine metaphors. Enjoyed it!