Friday, October 24, 2014

On reading Homer

Tonight I got in a cab after work,
went straight home
and read Homer at my desk.

The last flight out 
was never taken.
A window seat was not chosen.

A "just landed" text
was never sent.
No smiles were involved.

A cab outside an airport
was never hailed.
No addresses were given.

A late night doorbell 
was never rung.
No hugs were shared.

A midnight dinner
was never cooked.
No dishes were done.

Someone did not discover a star.
Someone did not get groceries.
Someone did not start a war.
Someone did not visit the dentist.
Someone did not light a fire.

Seven billion worlds never came to be.
There's only one for us all,
and that's all there ever will be.


Dwiti said...

Brilliant !!
No words can do justice...

Caladrius said...

Your poems are quite simply beyond amazing.