Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Cassette

There was no embrace at the end,
no gawky display of brotherly affection

just a turn of your head at the bend,
a brief glance before you disappeared
into the vast machinery of adulthood.

On my way home in the cab
I watched your departure streak through the sky
like a shooting star.

Back in the shade of my living room,
I muted the lights, shut the blinds
and gave in to the plain charity of sleep.

I dreamt of the time you cried as a little boy
when your favourite movie tape got tangled up
and stopped playing.

Nine years old, I was the only adult in the room
and your grief flew at me
like a flock of frightened birds.
I did not know what to do.

I snap awake.
This is a different room, a different time
and I am no longer the only adult between us

if I could gather that tangled tape,
somehow piece it all back together
and play that movie for you one more time,
I would. 


Basanth said...

Wow! Such a wonderful way of saying how much you care.

Narendra Varma said...

Such feel. Much wow! Tapes might be temporary. Brother's love is forever.

Siddhartha Chepuri said...

Good one bro!!

Deepak said...

He-Man by the power of grayskull :)

Caladrius said...

This is a treat to read. Also, it made me think of my (admittedly not poetic) elder brother in your voice.